The author – the story

Frank Dekker

I was part of a hockey team in my youth, and participated in many team activities at school, church and other social groups. I never really gave it much thought, teams just worked (or didn’t).

It was at university that I started becoming aware of team work and how team dynamics can dramatically impact the outcome of the task and the enjoyment of those in the team. The mid 1980’s  were a very different time from today: the internet didn’t really exist, computers were not networked, Marc Zuckerberg wasn’t born yet and people communicated by fax or carphone.

Much has changed since then. The internet has made us much more efficient at gathering and sharing information. Social media has allowed us to stay in touch with friends and colleagues 24/7 and smartphones allow us to do this anytime, anywhere.

What has lagged behind at this incredible pace of change is how we as people interact with each other. Team work often remains dysfunctional, inefficient and frustrating.

The way we work together, the behaviour of individuals and the dynamics of the team often conspire against successful performance, despite all the wonderful technology available to us. This leads to personal tragedies, when good people fail to achieve their goals. When so much change has taken place in so little time, how come the fundamentals of good team work elude us?

TEAMtalk explores 21 concepts, behaviours and dynamics to build top performing teams, ensuring that not only the team, but the people within them thrive.

Every day of your life you will work with others, often in teams, to achieve your ambitions. TEAMtalk allows you to change the fulcrum of team dynamics so you can enjoy it.