Make it easy

One of the top principles in our team is ‘make it easy’. Make it easy applies to almost everything we do. We make it easy for our clients to contact us, when we send them some information we provide them with the supporting URLs and where possible an audio file. When we want someone within the team to make a decision for us, we clearly lay-out what we want that decision to be and provide all necessary information.

Making it easy means you think one step ahead. You try to anticipate what the recipient or counterpart needs to know to take the next step (preferably the step you want them to take). This usually means more work on your part, you have to look up the information, anticipate, prepare. What it does though, is show respect for your recipient, an appreciation that they are busy and that your call, email or action is probably not their highest priority.

When you make it easy, it is surprising how many more successful outcomes you get and how quickly you will get them.