Sometimes we have to bring bad news. It is never nice, and there is always a temptation to postpone or deliver it only partially. Just so we look better than we actually are.
Bad idea.
Let’s assume that the other party is at least as smart as we are (probably an underestimation), what we lose when we tell half-truth or hide behind others or events, is our integrity.
Once lost it is incredibly hard to regain. Integrity is really one of the very few stocks you have that you cannot and should never try to trade.
You can lose the battle, you can miss your targets, not deliver on a project. The consequences of these may be grave. The consequences of losing your integrity are much, much worse.
In our teams, there is no penalty for bad news, if delivered with the appropriate integrity and learning. We do our best to communicate openly and honestly. When this becomes the norm it is much easier to communicate similarly with others outside the team.