Hearty in your approbation

Earlier we looked at Dale Carnegie’s classic, How to win friends and influence people, Mr Carnegie highlights one of the principles of good human interactions and that of successful people as being “Lavish in your praise and hearty in approbation” Let’s look at the second part of that.
Hearty in your approbation; be light on your criticism. Most people do exactly the opposite. When they have a great meal but the coffee at the end is bitter, then that is what is expressed. What a negative outlook on life, what a disappointment for the host, the one who pays the bill, the chef. Let’s instead focus on the wonderful choice of wine, the beautifully cooked entrée and how good the company was.
The same applies to your team, your clients and your other contacts. No-one likes criticism, if it is due then of course it should be given, but even then considerately and concisely. Praise the good behaviour, magnify the small results, find positives, don’t let a small disappointment cast a cloud over your team performance.
Hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise. Try and keep a 1 to 10 ratio. Ten times as much praise as criticism, when you do, you’ll find there is increasingly reduced need for ‘approbation’.