Probably not a real word, but it describes exactly what I am trying to say here. Be genuine. Show a level of authenticity. Be who you are. Don’t pretend that you know more than you do, don’t try to be someone you are not. Sooner or later you will be found out, and the price is not worth paying.

Be genuine. When you praise or thank someone, make sure it is genuine. When you act, smile, frown, question, make sure it is you. Genuinely you.

In teams it is so important that everyone can be who they are. Of course there is a need for continuous improvement, learning and development. Standing still is not an option. When developing, enhance your good traits, focus on your strengths, develop new skills, but don’t try to change your character. Changing who you are, or rather trying to, is not genuine and will always lead to disappointment, with you and the ones you are trying to impress.

I have tried and it is more painful than embracing who you are what you can bring to the team. When you are genuine in your desire to contribute, help, support and succeed, you are at least half way there already.