“A champion is someone who gives their best even when no-one is looking”. We all do it; when we are under scrutiny we work harder, neater, put in the extra call, go the extra mile. What sets the real superstars apart is that they make this the norm. They work at the best of their ability all the time. 

Can you make your team work in this way? It’s probably a tall order, but a great ambition.
Getting a champion team, doesn’t necessarily mean everyone has to be a champion. Everyone has to understand that for the team to be a champion team, the work rate and input has to be of championship level.
In truth, everyone is watching, all the time. In today’s world, there is no hiding, no slacking. You have to be on top of your game all the time, and so does everyone in your team. To expect this is a fallacy, to strive for it is more than sensible.
To give your best when no-one is looking.
But today someone if looking, and even if no-one is , you are; you yourself, looking at your own performance. Are you giving your best?
Superstar performance is definitely something for your next team talk. Someone is looking.