One of our team members is training to partake in the Olympics. His dedication and commitment to his training, diet and mental attitude are amazing. In fact we are all inspired by him and try to apply the same attitude to our work individually and as a team.
In top sports visualisation of your success is hugely important, running the race in your head, muscles tensed, mind relaxed is almost as important as running the race on the day. In your mind you can rewind, restart, repeat and plan without the physical exhaustion and risk of injury.
In our team talks we use this when we visualise what our success is going to be. Whether it is an important meeting, a sales call, a project delivery…. What does it look like? How are we going to get there? What does that look like? We run through the scenarios and ‘see’ what we have to do, plan for it, deliver it.
When you visualise you ‘see’ the good outcome, how you want it to be. The more clarity you can give this, the more detail you can see before it happens, the more prepared you are. Success is not haphazard, it is planned and pictured long before it happens.