TEAM; To Excel And Maximise.


Canada Geese Flying at Sunrise — Image by © Chase Swift/CORBIS

When we work together in a team or as a team, we do so because we realise (or sometimes the people who have put us in the team realise) that we can do more together than we can do on our own. Sounds obvious, yet anyone who has worked in a team knows that it is not always as simple as that.
You need positive team dynamics, and an environment in which mutual respect and trust are possible.
We have used the short acronym for TEAM, To Excel And Maximise as a guide for helping us set the right tone for the team work. We want to excel at what we do, not just as a team but also to each other in the team; not just do the job, but excel at it, be brilliant. We also want to maximise. Maximise our output, our reward, our confidence, our enjoyment at what we do. Together, but by doing so automatically we also maximise our personal ambitions.
A short acronym is no magic bullet, good team work takes dedication and commitment, setting the right tone and atmosphere in the team will help you and every team member individually To Excel and Maximise.