In the zone

When I was speaking with one of our team members recently we talked about ‘getting in the zone’ or as the High School Musical song goes : ‘Get your head in the game’. He is a competitive sprinter, and normally before a race the competitors will be seen wondering round in their own space. Michael Phelps does it before swims, Andy Roddick before a tennis match; they psyche themselves up by listening to certain music. Soldiers do it before they go into battle. Whether you use headphones or just close your eyes and focus; getting your head in game is important.
A meeting, a phone call, a sales call or a proposal; take a minute to prepare mentally, get in the zone. The zone where you know you can perform at your best.
I have various playlists on my iPod to help me get in the zone. They range from high adrenalin rock songs to mellow surf sounds and latin. It doesn’t really matter. It needs to work for you. What matters is that you shouldn’t rush into a performance without getting your mind in the zone. Some people even might prefer absolute silence to concentrate on the task.