It is one of the classic radio and television moments when an overexcited reporter to a football match shouts Goooooaaaaalllll ! into the microphone.  This excitement and passion happens when a football team (the players on the pitch, the subs, the manager and support staff) achieve what they set out to do; score a goal.

In football, as indeed in most sports, the goal is quite easy to identify, sometimes it is even called a goal, although sometimes it is called a touch down, try, finish line, basket ….
As a team, you need similar clarity. There really is no point to work together without a clear purpose, a clear goal. Like in sports the goal can be achieved in many ways, depending on the quality of the various team members, but everyone needs to be clear on what the goal is, what specific contribution he or she is expected to perform, and what the plan is for achieving that goal.
Teams work even better when the goal is clearly linked to the overall purpose of the organisation and that this link is clear to all members in the team. Sounds so obvious, and that is the beauty. Do a quick recap, next time you are in the team meeting. Which goal are we aiming for, what is everyone suppost to be doing to contribute to this and why is it important that we reach this goal ?

Not doing so might well result in a bit of an own goal….