In our team (and at home) we have a few simple expectations.
We expect for instance, that people take responsibility, that they try their best and that they respect each other. I genuinely hope that your teams are built on the same principles. Human decency alone suggests that they should be common place. One expectation that may not be so common is that in our team we don’t want to hear the word “can’t”. I can’t do that! I can’t deliver, I can’t be like you, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. It is negative and smacks of defeatism. “I can’t” is banned from our team, and I suggest you ban it from yours as well.
Instead let’s try some positive version of the same :
I haven’t learned how to do that yet.
I am having some difficulty here, can you help me with ….
That’s new for me, teach me how you do that.
Each of these have a positive attitude, a belief that you can. You, your team members and your team deserve a “can-do” approach, not the destructive put down of I can’t. Ban it from your own vocabulary and ban it from your team.