Communicate, communicate, communicate


A recent HBR article outlined the science of teamwork, which we summarised as ‘communicate, communicate, communicate’.  I also discussed this topic with a recent podcast guest Anneleen Kaptein and again the summary would be the same; communicate, communicate, communicate. Many of the issues that arise when people are trying to achieve something together come from a lack of communication. It is worthwhile reminding ourselves that it is our responsibility to communicate! 1. Communicate at the start of a team task. Establish clarity on the goal  and what is expected of every team member Agree the ground rules for working together Set the milestones and checkpoints 2. Communicate during the task Praise Give feedback Be critical (repeat) 3. Communicate at the end of a task Make sure everyone knows the task (and the teamwork) is complete Evaluate, even if everything went the way you wanted it to Celebrate, even if not everything went the way you expected It is never too late to start communicating and it doesn’t matter what your role is in the team. Everyone has the responsibility to communicate, communicate,…

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