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Posted on Apr 11, 2013 by in Chapters Of The Book | 0 comments


One of my favourite Dutch words is grenzeloos. Roughly translated it would be borderless, or perhaps limitless. Yet this doesn’t cover it. You can be grenzeloos in love with someone (I hope you are). It means there is no limit, no known end to your affection, no box that can contain your love.

Grenzeloos is another favourite principle of our teams. It is more than ‘thinking outside the box’. Thinking outside the box implies there is a box in the first place. Instead ask: “Why is there a box?” If we allow ourselves to think without borders, with not a box in sight, no conventions, no known areas that are out of bounds, then solutions are within our grasp. Smarter, better and previously inconceivable ways of working become possible.

Such thinking requires a team dynamic where respect and openness are the norm, and these in turn are re-enforced by grenzeloos thinking and behaviour. It is a positive spiral.

Great industrialists such as Henry Ford refused to accept that there were any limits to what teams could achieve if set free from arbitrary boundaries. He created the mass production of automobiles on a production line as a result, and at one point nearly half of all cars sold came out of his factory.

Having the audacity to think new thoughts, allowing the creation of new team dynamics, will create new opportunities and present previously unheard-of rewards.

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